Gemstones Health Benefits


Luxury Gemstones Help to Improve our Health with Healing Properties

TURQUOISE- Gorgeous bright blue color helps to remove negative and evil energies. Helps to overcome depression, high blood pressure and decreases stress.

PEARLS-Classic and Beautiful and said to balance the entire body and create positive, happy feeling within the wearer. Has been used for treating ailing digestive systems,fertility issues and heart problems according to some Asian medical studies.

AQUAMARINE-One of the most beautiful gemstones and the color of the Ocean and sailors often used them to bring luck to the sea. It is been said they aid in help with digestive, eye and dental problems.

MOONSTONE-Helps to achieve balance and travelers have been known to use this as a protective talisman.Has been said to help aid with anxiety,depression and insomnia.

CHALCEDONY-Powerful nurturing healing stone that can absorb and dissolve negative vibrations.It helps to bring your heart and mind in balance and help to harmonize both with the physical body and brings good will.

CORAL-Promotes courage and helps to overcome fear and nervousness.Can help boost self esteem of the wearer.It also has been said to help protect against diseases of the blood.

AGATE-Enhances mental function,improves concentration and enhances our perception and analytical abilities. Soothing and calming gemstone that helps to calm pulse and heal inner anger and anxiety.   

BLUE OPAL-Essentially known as a gem of charm,beauty,wealth and divine grace.Promotes financial growth and brings harmony in relationships. Boosts immunity and metabolism and relieves mental stress and brings peacefulness.

JADE-Gorgeous and said to be able to shift blockages and provides cleansing to promote a healthy flow of energy. It aids in healing and protects from harm and offers an enhanced ability to embrace personal ambitions,ideals and desires.Green Jade is considered to be a lucky stone that offers good health,wealth and love!

BLUE TOPAZ-Stunning calming color that helps improve communication and mental stability and inner peace.Brings alot of joy,abundance,generosity and good health. Will enhance truth and forgiveness.